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Simple, clear messaging that works

Is writing dragging you down?

Would you rather chew on some glass than sit down and bang out a blog post? Could you care less about SEO or conversion rates or whatever the hell else it is these marketers are always talking about?

I get it. Here’s the thing: marketing isn’t for everyone. Writing isn’t for everyone.

But the great news is? You don’t have to do any of it.

Take a deep breath, give yourself a generous act of self-care and let this task drop from your to-do list and right onto mine.

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Copywriting & Content Marketing Services

I have half a decade of writing and marketing experience and have worked with both Fortune 500 companies and the mom and pop shop down the block. If you have a business and you like making money, I can help.

(Don’t have a website or newsletter yet? Don’t worry about it. We’ll create one from scratch.)
Stop shouting your marketing into the void. With a clear and targeted strategy, you can do less work and get better results.

I’ll work with you to design a customized road map for how to find your customers and what to say to them when you get there.


Conversion copywriting is what takes your website to the next level. There is a skill behind getting customers to click through, buy, and engage with every landing page.

Hire me to write your full website or a landing page.

Have copy that you don’t know what to do with?

Hire a new writer?

I offer 1-hour consulting calls where we review your copy live on screen and make edits in real-time.

Website Copywriting

For a one-time flat fee, you’ll get all the copy and content you need for high-converting landing pages, including:

• Product and service descriptions that instantly make customers want to buy
• CTA’s you can’t help but click
• Clear and simple messaging

Starting at $3,000

Consulting & Strategy Sessions

Not everyone has $1000’s on hand in to invest in their copywriting.

I get that. That’s why I let you rent my brain by the hour.

In this 1-hour video call, I’ll review your website, content, or marketing strategy live on screen and make real-time suggestions that you can implement on your own.

Starting at $250/hour

Here's How It Works

Who Choose Me?

I’m not afraid to admit it: I’m good at what I do. But at the end of the day? My services go above and beyond because I also love what I do. Your satisfaction is my first priority, and you’ll feel that every step of the way.

Unlike other marketers, I only work on content and copywriting. Because I specialize, I’m not distracted with 1,000 other things.
I THRIVE under pressure. If you’re a business owner, my guess is you do too. By leaving my team as just me, myself, and I, it means the pressure is on to make amazing content for every client, every time.

I might work home alone with my dog, but that doesn’t mean I’m checked out. I’m a member of a professional copywriting community where I submit my work (AKA your copy) to be reviewed, broken down, and built up by the best in the business (other than yours truly, of course).
Pssttt, they also certified me as an official, professional copywriter

I don’t charge the most, but I also don’t charge the least. By operating as a solopreneur from my home office, I am able to lower my overhead much more than a fancy agency. I also work on a per project model, meaning you get a finished, customized content piece regardless of how many words it is or how many hours I work. Win-win, as they say.
B2B Copywriting & Content Marketing

Ready to work together?


“Alicia was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she a great communicator, she delivered stellar copy that required little to no tweaking. She was incredibly professional and her copy helped us achieve our business objectives. Since we released the templates Alicia created, we saw a 15% increase in feature usage and a 50% increase in the number of templates used!”

-Romane, ConvertKit


“I had been looking for a copywriter to help take revamping my website copy off of my plate. Connecting with Alicia, I knew right away that she understood conversion-led copywriting. She took the time to understand my brand voice and brand personality which was really important to me. Infusing those two things along with my website goals, she was able to create amazing copy for my website! I can’t recommend Alicia enough!”

-Kelli, Amê Creatives


“We hired Alicia to create content for a new Phoenix landing page and several blog topics with high search volume. She professionally delivered each project on time with quality exceeding our expectations. For the Phoenix landing page we now rank on page 1 of Google for ‘Phoenix maid service’ and our blogs such as ‘Do you tip maid service?’ Are ranking in the top five. We will continue to use her services for content creation!”

- Justin, Modern Maids


“Alicia was a joy to work with — we discussed the project, she asked clarifying questions to ensure that she was helping accomplish the project goals, she was also very willing to make adjustments and provide meaningful suggestions.”

- Jermaine, NYC Councilman Campaign