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A smattering of articles, stories & anecdotes written by me.

Food & Drink Articles

That one time Lion Air fed us fried chicken when our flight was delayed. Or that time I ate fresh mozzarella like an apple in the streets of Rome, the juice dripping of my chin. The experience of being a bartender, and the love-hate relationship most restaurant workers battle with. These are a few of my favorite published stories on food & drink.

Why we need to stop calling Philly’s food scene ‘up and coming’ (Matador Network)
When In Rome, Eat Full‑Sized Balls Of Mozzeralla Like Apples (Roads & Kingdoms)
Kauai Food Guide: 12 of the Best Places to Eat in Kauai (Miles Less Traveled)
The 11 best types of doughnuts served around the world (Matador Network)

Travel Articles

Is there anything more exciting than the steamy, hot tarmac of an airport runway? Probably…once you leave the airport and venture into a new destination. The assaults on your senses of new smells, the clamoring of traffic or the peace of water lapping at the shore, these are the kinds of cliche phrases I (hopefully) avoid when I write about my favorite topic: travel.

My 10 Tried-and-True Methods for Diffusing Travel Anxiety (Everyday Health)
Contributor to Epic Runs of the World (Lonely Planet Guidebooks)
Why It Doesn’t Matter if You Travel Like a Tourist (or like anything else for that matter) (Miles Less Traveled)
Pepper Crab in Kep, Cambodia: How Chasing Food to Remote Places Led Us to So Much More (Miles Less Traveled)

Marketing Articles

Marketing is a skill that can be learned, just like any other. These “know how” articles are great for beginners.

Is Email Marketing Dead? Not Even Close (Independent Dealer Magazine)
A Strong Digital Presence Is Now A Necessity (Independent Dealer Magazine)
Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2021 (Independent Dealer Magazine)

Home & Decor Articles

Spreading the cheer of a cozy interior and sustainable choices.

New England Antique Lumber (Design & Decor Magazine)
KWD Landscape Architecture (Design & Decor Magazine)
ABC Stone: The Sustainability Of Stone (Design & Decor Magazine)

Science & News

In the early years of my career I was a self-proclaimed marine biology and ecology nerd, trudging through rivers and tributaries to track migratory species of fish and hauling up nets to count reproduction rates. Science writing allows me to tap back into this passion from time to time.

Fish: superfood or health risk? (MD Linx)
Contributor to Identification of Biologically Important Barriers in the Hudson River Estuary (Cornell Scientific Journal)
My Anxiety Disorder and COVID-19: Please Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down (Everyday Health)

Ready To Work Together?

Finding a writer is a daunting task, or so I hear. If you’ve read some of my work and enjoyed it, reach out to me with ideas for articles or to pick my brain around any of the above topics.

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